The creator of ShanShield invented this product to fill a gap in the market. The need for eye protection, combined with the discomfort of a traditional facial mask urged her to design a product that was a combination of both shield and mask.

After sketches and several hours spent at her sewing machine, the support of a supportive friend led her to apply for a design patent. Shortly following the process, she secured a Las Vegas area manufacturer with the ability to produce both designer and custom ShanShields on a larger scale.

She is honored to offer a product to help fight the spread of COVID-19, while also encouraging people to “show their smile again."

 Our ShanShields are lightweight & breathable - they don’t directly touch your mouth or nose. They consist of 2 layers (per CDC guidelines) and are made with 100% soft polyester. Our printing process uses dye-sublimation where the non-toxic ink permeates the fibers of the fabric which means the ink cannot chip or peel off.

Custom printed ShanShields are great for team building, as part of a company uniform, as a marketing promotion, and can be used for fundraisers for charities, non-profits, and schools too!


"Patent-pending ShanShields are a boon for better communication while maintaining a level of protection.” - top mask manufacturer in Las Vegas

Research confirms that fabric masks make our communities and families safer. ShanShields go a step further. This product also protects the users' eyes while the fabric extends below and around the sides of the shield and ties behind the users’ neck, with the intention of decreasing the amount of air which is unfiltered entering or exiting the mask.

"We hope that we can provide an alternative product to smiling teachers, lipstick wearing hair stylists, sympathetic pediatricians and everyone in between, all while helping to protect them and others from COVID19." - The creator of ShanShields

** This face covering is not a direct substitute for an N95, surgical, or procedural mask and is not FDA approved. - CDC

For best protection-tuck ShanShield into shirt collar.

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